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October 28, 2022

The SES team is currently planning for several upcoming meetings across our independent medical education hubs and patient programs to facilitate interesting discussions and develop enduring content. 

 Throughout November, we will be hosting steering committee meetings for our hubs. Bringing together world-leading experts in each disease area, our steering committee will meet for the second time in 2022, focusing on an agenda agreed upon by the chair(s). 

 The chair(s) of each hub will facilitate the meetings, firstly giving an update and overview of hub activity and content, including areas of focus, drug updates and developments, and congress coverage. Following the steering committee meetings in April this year, where unmet educational needs were discussed and agreed, the second portion of these meetings will focus on learning objectives, highlighting which have been achieved and how any remaining unmet needs will be met. 

The next sessions will feature interactive patient case studies, presented by members of the steering committee, as nominated by the chair(s). These sessions will be recorded and developed into content to be housed on the hubs and used as educational resources for our audience of healthcare professionals. 

Our patient education and awareness initiatives, Know AML and Know ALL, will both host ambassador meetings this month. Our global ambassador group, including patient advocates, patients, and healthcare professionals, will meet to discuss strategy and activity planning for 2023. Building on this, Know ALL ambassadors will discuss congress and patient interviews, and exciting plans for a Know ALL community meeting. Know AML ambassadors will be focusing on possible themes for AML World Awareness Day in April 2023. In addition, Know AML will be hosting a global network meeting on November 21, inviting our 52 members to take part in expert- and patient-led sessions on participating in a clinical trial with guest speakers. 

These exciting upcoming meetings are a chance to continue building healthcare professional and patient networks that facilitate open access, science-driven, unbiased disease education and discuss and formulate plans for growth and innovation in 2023. If you would like more information about these meetings or any of our hubs or programs, please see our website or contact us

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