Education through collaboration

We love nothing more than building communities and networks to facilitate education through collaboration, ensuring that patients have access to the latest support and treatment options.

With open access and science-driven global initiatives, we provide unbiased disease education through multichannel communications. Our purpose is to provide credible education in any therapy area where there is an unmet educational need.

Education to the community,
by the community

We believe in the value of partnering with communities to create innovative educational initiatives which give rise to empowered communities, stronger networks and greater collaboration opportunities.

Independent and credible

Disease landscapes are evolving at a rapid pace through advances in research and breakthrough therapy approvals. It is critical to ensure healthcare professionals, patient representatives, patients and health authorities are provided with trustworthy, unbiased information. We are proud to have a heritage in establishing expert committees to steer all communications ensuring education is current, independent and credible.

Current, focused
and global

Guided by our globally represented editorial boards and steering committees, we remain at the forefront of scientific and medical developments. Through monitoring newswires and attending industry events, our educational initiatives remain current and relevant while being readily accessible to a global audience.

Building partnerships
and networks

Building bridges with professional societies, patient associations, hospitals and the industry, we help to form networks and communities that enable our partners to provide relevant education and support.

and agile

We are structured around a multidisciplinary team of communication and education experts with experience in medical education, scientific publishing, journalism, project management, event management and digital communication. Working closely with our partners we build targeted educational platforms to address unmet needs in any therapy area or discipline.


Our independent advisors include healthcare professionals, patient representatives and patients who are all leaders in their respective disciplines.

Our partners

All of our initiatives are multi-supported through educational grants and sponsorship. Initiatives are steered by our independent advisors so we can guarantee independent and credible education.

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