About Us

Scientific Education Support (SES) is a medical education provider, building healthcare professional and patient networks that facilitate open access, science-driven, unbiased disease education through multichannel communications.

At SES, we have all the experts needed to craft innovative and impactful education. We have a large in-house scientific team who are dedicated to curating medically accurate and accessible content. Working in collaboration with our IME/CME and educational design experts, the team ensures our education is based on established educational needs, arming us to make a difference through our education. Our patient advocacy team ensure the patient voice is heard throughout our work, and that improving patient outcomes is always at the forefront of our educational design. Our digital team bring our educational offerings to life with cutting-edge innovation, and our engagement team design bespoke multi-channel communication campaigns to maximize the reach of our education.

Education Hubs

SES provides open access, science-driven global initiatives and unbiased disease information through our hubs, with support from medical societies and pharma companies. Our education solutions increase knowledge and enhance competence among healthcare professionals by improving access to balanced, credible, and up-to-date medical education where there is an unmet need.

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Patient Programs

At SES, our understanding of the patient journey begins with seeing patients as people. Our principles of patient engagement are:



Our strategy and tactics are guided by what patients tell us


Scientifically Driven

Our programs are supported by the latest scientific research to ensure they provide effective solutions



We work with those who support patients in achieving a better experience of the health service and an improved quality of life

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Independent and Credible

Disease landscapes are evolving at a rapid pace through advances in research and breakthrough therapy approvals. It is critical to ensure healthcare professionals, patient representatives, patients, and health authorities are provided with trustworthy, unbiased information. We are proud to have a heritage in establishing expert committees to steer all communications, ensuring education is current, independent, and credible.

Building Partnerships and Networks Globally

We work in partnership with international societies and patient groups from across the world to create innovative educational initiatives that give rise to empowered communities, stronger networks, and greater collaboration opportunities.

Guided by our globally represented editorial boards and steering committees, we remain at the forefront of scientific and medical developments. Through monitoring newswires and attending industry events, our educational initiatives remain current and relevant while being readily accessible to a global audience.

Our Advisors

Our independent advisors include leading healthcare professionals, patient representatives, and patients who are all leaders in their respective disciplines.

Our Supporters

All of our initiatives are multi-supported through educational grants and sponsorship. Initiatives are steered by our independent advisors so that we can guarantee independent and credible education.

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