SES Awarded the ELN Merit Award 2024

SES Awarded the ELN Merit Award 2024

SES were delighted to be awarded with the ELN Merit Award 2024 at the annual ELN Symposium in Mannheim on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. The award recognizes SES’s 10-year collaboration with the ELN. 

In 2014, we had the vision of providing community healthcare professionals (HCPs) with online curated content related to AML to help them stay up to date and support clinical decision-making. 

Due to the exponential rise in available data and the complexity of AML as a heterogeneous disease characterized by a distinct clinical course and prognosis based on genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic profiles, it was challenging for community HCPs to stay up to date. This created an opportunity to develop a curated content hub that delivered everything in one place—the AML Hub was launched. 

Understanding molecular classification and risk stratification is essential for clinical decision-making; this informed early content areas of the AML Hub platform. Today, the AML Hub continues to deliver the latest scientific, medical, and clinical information in one place for over 45,000 unique users across 195 countries (2023). 

Since 2014, we've developed and delivered independent medical education content on leukemia and related neoplasms to the highest standards. Our online disease education hubs have become global resources, used by hundreds of thousands of community HCPs to stay up to date; this wouldn't be possible without the trust and collaboration of ELN. 

The endorsement of the ELN aids the credibility of our education and fosters trust in the independence of our content. The hubs not only curate the latest clinical updates in the space, ensuring everything community HCPs need is in one place, but they also provide education on important educational needs identified through rigorous needs assessments conducted with our global steering committees and patient advisors. This combined education ensures swift reporting of new advances and best practice in clinical practice, ensuring HCPs are best placed to make informed choices for their patients. 

Although the journey began with Professor Rüdiger Hehlmann and Professor Gert Ossenkoppele on the AML Hub, we’re so proud to see the platform continue to thrive under the joint leadership of Dr. Gail Roboz and Dr. Charlie Craddock. In addition, our collaboration with ELN has enabled the introduction of further, leukemia-related hubs, including the MPN Hub and ALL Hub, which are a testament to the power of shared goals and our joint collaborative spirit. In 2023, we were able to deliver almost 6 million educational sessions. 

This ‘Merit Award’ is an immense honor and motivates us at SES to keep pushing the boundaries of independent medical education. Some recent example innovations include: ‘My Hub’, which enables users to 

  • personalize their hub experience; 
  • bookmark content to view later; 

  • select their specific areas of interest; and 

  • view content recommended for them. 

We have also introduced AI-supported micro-learning modules, which provide short podcast-style voice-over narratives of key content; these are disseminated across our channels to enable users to listen to summarized content easily and while on the move. 

Increasingly, our community HCPs are expressing interest in hearing the patient voice and to learn what is important to them. As a result, we have been introducing content that communicates the patient experience of treatment and care in collaboration with patient advocacy groups such as PEN and CancerCare. 

SES would like to thank ELN for this incredible recognition. Also, thank you to the steering committee and our supporters, without whom the hubs would not be possible. 

If you are interested in supporting us, so that we can continue to provide content for community HCPs that expedites learning and supports them worldwide to stay abreast of the latest scientific, medical, and clinical developments in AML and other leukemias, please get in touch: