Transforming healthcare through education

Driven by commitment to quality, diversity, and the power of collective knowledge, SES crafts unparalleled educational experiences for HCPs and patients worldwide.

Scientific Education Support (SES) is a medical education provider, building healthcare professional and patient networks that facilitate open-access, science-driven, unbiased disease education through multi-channel communications.

We follow three simple steps to success to ensure our content is based on an established need, is engaging and accessible, and can demonstrate direct impact.

Step 1:

Educational needs assessment

We work with patients, KOLs, HCPs, and our partner societies to establish existing educational needs.

Step 2:

Content development and dissemination

Following the core principles of the Good CME Practice Group, we develop a solution that is appropriate to solve these needs.

Our in-house experts ensure solutions are balanced, evidence-based, and adhere to adult learning principles.

Our engagement experts drive awareness through a hub multimedia campaign.

Step 3:


We carry out a robust evaluation to test how effective our education has been in improving knowledge and competence.

We use Moore’s levels to underpin our evaluation methodology.

Since its inception, SES has been curating the very latest scientific, medical, and clinical information and sharing it via its online, multi-channel platforms.

Our hubs expedite learning, empower community healthcare professionals’ clinical decisions, and improve patient outcomes.

Our patient programs support patient communities so they can better understand their conditions as informed partners in their treatment.

A timeline of Hubs and Patient Programs launched by Scientific Education Support (SES)

About our team

Our in-house scientific team is dedicated to curating medically accurate and accessible content. Working in collaboration with our IME/CME and educational design experts, the team delivers medical and clinical education based on established educational needs, arming us to make a difference through our education.

Our patient advocacy team ensures the patient voice is heard throughout our work and that improving patient outcomes is always at the forefront of our educational design.

Our digital team brings our educational offerings to life with cutting-edge innovation, and our engagement team designs bespoke multi-channel communication campaigns to maximize the reach of our education.

Mia Hill

Mia Hill

Managing Director

Ensuring excellence in IME and adult learning theory

Louise Niven

Louise Niven

Scientific Services
Strategic Director

Conducting robust needs assessments to inform our educational strategy
Trevor Aukim

Trevor Aukim

Digital Director of
Strategy and Innovation

Bringing our educational offerings to life with cutting-edge digital innovation

Program chairs

Our hub chairs ensure we always have guidance on the latest data, updates, and educational needs in the field and that all our content is medically accurate and reflective of real clinical practice.

Charles Mullighan, ALL Hub Co-Chair

Charles Mullighan

ALL Hub Co-Chair

Hervé Dombret, ALL Hub Co-Chair

Hervé Dombret

ALL Hub Co-Chair

Gail J. Roboz, AML Hub Co-Chair

Gail J. Roboz

AML Hub Co-Chair

Charles Craddock, AML Hub Co-Chair

Charles Craddock

AML Hub Co-Chair

Mohamad Mohty, GvHD Hub Chair

Mohamad Mohty

GvHD Hub Chair

Gilles Salles, Lymphoma Hub Chair

Gilles Salles

Lymphoma Hub Chair

Ricard Cervera, Lupus Hub Chair

Ricard Cervera

Lupus Hub Chair

Sagar Lonial, Multiple Myeloma Hub Co-Chair

Sagar Lonial

Multiple Myeloma Hub Co-Chair

María-Victoria Mateos, Multiple Myeloma Hub Co-Chair

María-Victoria Mateos

Multiple Myeloma Hub Co-Chair

Jean-Jacques Kiladjian, MPN Hub Chair

Jean-Jacques Kiladjian

MPN Hub Chair

Paolo Gisondi, PsOPsA Hub Chair

Paolo Gisondi

PsOPsA Hub Chair

Ralph Hills, Know AML Chair and patient

Ralph Hills

Know AML Chair and patient

Jaymz Goodman, Know ALL Chair and patient

Jaymz Goodman

Know ALL Chair and patient

"There have been enormous advances in ALL that have important implications for diagnosis and treatment, and the ALL Hub is an invaluable resource to hear expert commentary on these advances."


Each educational program is curated in partnership with an eminent professional society. This raises the credibility of our content and ensures our education has a broad reach.

The European Lymphoma Institute (ELI)

The European Lymphoma Institute (ELI)

In collaboration with:

European LeukemiaNet (ELN)

European LeukemiaNet (ELN)

In collaboration with:

The Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS)

The Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS)

In collaboration with:

European School of Haematology (ESH)

European School of Haematology (ESH)

In collaboration with:

Acute Leukemia Advocates Network (ALAN)

Acute Leukemia Advocates Network (ALAN)

In collaboration with:

International Federation of Psoriatic Disease Associations (IFPA)

International Federation of Psoriatic Disease Associations (IFPA)

In collaboration with:

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