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Charles Craddock

AML Hub Co-chair

I continue to be impressed by the growing education impact of the AML Hub. Serving as an invaluable resource to the global AML community, its work to create a carefully curated resource of the latest advances in the diagnosis and management of AML is increasingly valued by clinicians, scientists, and patients alike. Notably, its effective utilization of social media allows busy healthcare professionals to access breaking data and educational presentations from international meetings.

Jaymz Goodman

Know ALL Chair and Patient

Know ALL provides worldwide partnership with charitable organizations, to improve understanding of the best ways of treating patients’ social needs and collaborates with research bodies focused on treating and eventually curing ALL. I couldn’t be happier to be a chair for Know ALL and feel honored to be able to contribute on a worldwide stage with my patient advocacy.

Charles Mullighan

ALL Hub Co-chair

The ALL Hub has made excellent progress since its founding. It has provided a wide range of educational opportunities to physicians, carers, and patients. These include reviews and summaries of the most important advances from international meetings, "meet the expert" sessions, and a range of educational resources on the website and on social media.

Mohamad Mohty

GvHD Hub Chair

The field of GvHD is a very complex one, and GvHD has a significant impact on the outcome of patients after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Thanks to the work of a dedicated and expert steering committee, the GvHD Hub has become a key source of information in this domain.

María-Victoria Mateos

Multiple Myeloma Hub Co-chair

The Multiple Myeloma Hub visibility is growing exponentially every month because of its ability to reach the HCP through social media or the website and via attending the most important congresses... but the expansion is occurring worldwide, with visitors coming from more than 160 countries.

Paolo Gisondi

PsOPsA Hub Chair

The PsOPsA Hub is innovative and valuable tool for healthcare professionals interested in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Jean-Jacques Kiladjian

MPN Hub Chair

The MPN Hub has seen incredible progress in terms of content, thanks to our faculty of world-class experts, as well as an impressive increase in visitors. I am very proud and happy to be the chair of the MPN Hub Steering Committee, dedicated to dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge about MPN biology and treatment.

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