A Breadth of Independent Education

We are leading experts in independent medical education and patient awareness, providing targeted education through a range of channels.

Clinical Trial Updates

Updates on clinical trials, including new studies, results, halted activity, and completion

Congress Coverage

Dissemination of updates from educational sessions, poster presentations, speakers, and thought leaders

Educational Themes

Educational content on specific topics or themes relevant to the treatment of patients

Expert Discussions

Perspectives and opinions from two or more thought leaders on a specific topic or advance

Our Education Hubs

Our hubs are the solution for time-stretched healthcare professionals to easily access impactful information that expedites learning and empowers their treatment decisions. Informed by patients, curated by world leaders, and endorsed by expert societies, our hubs support healthcare professionals worldwide.

Our education hubs are made possible through financial support from the pharmaceutical industry. All content is developed independently by SES in collaboration with expert steering committees; supporters are allowed no influence on the content.

There are 5 levels of financial support ranging from Contributor to Platinum. As you move up the levels of support, you will access further benefits. Our supporter benefits are split into 3 pillars.


Showcase your commitment to supporting healthcare professionals


Keep up to date on the latest news and educational needs


Share your understanding of educational needs in your chosen therapy area for our steering committees’s consideration

We also offer a variety of bespoke educational offerings through our hubs, including symposia, clinical trial clubs, case study clubs, and interactive cases:

Case study clubs

Case study clubs are live webinars of just 30 minutes each. The webinars are recorded and repurposed as videos and podcasts on our education hubs.

During the webinars, our world-renowned steering committee provide their expert opinion on a series of clinical cases. The sessions are highly interactive and allow our audience to practice their treatment decisions in a safe environment. Through our case study clubs, we are able to provide our supporters with outcomes up to Moore's Level 5.

Clinical trial clubs

Our clinical trial clubs are identical in format to our case study clubs, and through these we can also provide our supporters with outcomes data up to Moore's Level 5.

During these webinars, we hear a short presentation highlighting the key facts on a recent clinical trial or exciting publication. Our hub steering committee members then discuss these results and how they impact clinical practice and/or the future of clinical practice. There is plenty of opportunity for audience interaction and time for questions.


Through our hubs, we also offer symposia. These can be standalone digital events or linked directly to a conference of choice. The symposia format is one that is easily adapted to the online space, allowing a large audience to receive important data in both a real-time or a post live manner.

Our symposia are highly interactive by way of audience polling, pre- and post-test capabilities, and live Q&A. Like our webinars, we are able to record the symposia and host them on our hubs, extending the reach of the education beyond the live session. Additionally, smaller sections are distributed on social media to further enhance the reach of key educational messages and encourage healthcare professionals to share data with their colleagues.

Interactive cases

Our interactive cases are short, interactive eLearning modules that are permanently available on the hub, allowing individuals to learn at their own leisure. The cases replicate real-world scenarios, providing a safe place for healthcare professionals to practice their treatment decisions with zero risks, allowing them to make decisions in clinical practice with further ease.

Through the cases, learners are able to identify areas where they need further education and improvement. The modules take around 5-10 minutes to complete, facilitating use by busy healthcare professionals. Through these interactive cases, we are able to provide our supporters with Moore's Level 4 outcomes data.

Education Hubs

How to Become a Hub Supporter

If you are interested in becoming a hub supporter or finding out more about our bespoke educational offerings, please contact us at partnerships@scientificeducationsupport.com.

Patient Programs

At SES, our understanding of the patient journey begins with seeing patients as people. Our principles of patient engagement are:



Our strategy and tactics are guided by what patients tell us


Scientifically Driven

Our programs are supported by the latest scientific research to ensure they provide effective solutions



We work with those who support patients in achieving a better experience of the health service and an improved quality of life

Since putting patients at the center of the decision-making process is becoming embedded in healthcare systems, SES is uniquely placed to bring stakeholders together and ensure a genuine patient presence in areas where their voice is underrepresented.

Our 20-year heritage in healthcare communications helps us understand the trajectory of patient interactions with both the health systems that serve them and the industry that provides their treatment options. Understanding this journey has led us to co create programs with, and for the benefit of, patients across a range of therapy areas. In short, we help to align industry and healthcare professionals, ensuring that everything they do considers patient perspective.

Community Awareness and Education

The awareness and education initiatives aim to raise awareness of the support and resources available within a therapeutic area to patients, families, and healthcare providers. Bespoke activities are deployed to focus on providing education on unmet needs within specific therapy areas.

Awareness and Education Initiatives

How to Support Our Patient Programs

If you are interested in supporting a patient program, please contact us at partnerships@scientificeducationsupport.com.