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User account features and benefits

January 25, 2023

As well as horizon-scanning for global advances in diagnosis, treatment, and management across our platforms, we are constantly refining and developing our digital functionality for users and supporters.  

We are delighted to share the introduction of user accounts, which allow individuals to build their own resource reference libraries across the hubs.  

Though the platforms will remain open access, creating user accounts provides exciting possibilities for future updates, including options for personalized email communication and the possibility of the inclusion of educational courses and modules. 

The user accounts will allow our end users to have autonomy on how they interact with our content and will provide us with vital intel on who is using our platforms and what type of content is most popular, which will assist in shaping future outputs.  

  • The user account functionality enables access to personalized content based on preferences and activity across the hub platform. 
  • Once accessed via a signup and sign-in process, users can select topics and disease areas of interest. 
  • The platform will make article recommendations via a tailored homepage and account dashboard.  
  • Further recommendations will be suggested based on recent topics or articles read. 
  • Pages can also be manually bookmarked for later reading and stored in a bookmark content area.  
  • Registration is handled globally, meaning once registered, users can sign into any current sister hubs or future platforms. 

For more information, please contact

Trevor Aukim

Digital Director

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