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Time for budget planning-2023

August 30, 2022

Are you in the thick fog of budget planning for 2023? 

We want you to consider supporting SES’ independent medical education (IME) platforms in 2023. 

Here’s why: 

  • Year to date, our IME platforms have received over 134,000 unique visitors.  
  • Based on newsletter statistics, we have seen that over 50% of users are working, frontline hematologists.  
  • The top 5 countries of access across our platforms include key markets, including United States, United Kingdom, India, Germany, and China (in order of size, largest to smallest).  
  • Our social media channels are growing, with a total of 1,917,097 Twitter impressions across our 7 IME platforms.  
  • A total of 123 key opinion leaders make up our steering committees, a number of whom are primary investigators on key pivotal trials within the hematology space. Supporters are able to join a number of the 16 steering committee meetings due to take place across the platforms next year.  

Our medical writing team will be covering over 26 congresses in 2023, including EBMT, ASCO, EHA, SOHO, and ASH.  

By utilizing the unmet need submission system, we value the input and ideas of industry stakeholders. You may put forward your suggestions for key educational topics to be reviewed by our steering committee and, if approved, they are disseminated to the community in a variety of formats.   

If your organization is expecting an important 2023, with key abstracts to be put forward at congresses, expected publications, or the need to deliver key educational messages (e.g., a novel mode of action) into the community, sponsoring our platforms could be a key pillar to your engagement strategy.   

Should you wish to discuss how we can support your medical educational strategy next year, please contact our Partnerships Team at

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