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Steering committee meetings update

November 29, 2023

In October, we welcomed our steering committee members from the MDS Hub, Lymphoma Hub, and Multiple Myeloma Hub to join the second meeting for their respective platforms in 2023.

MDS Hub chair, Theo de Witte, hosted the year's second steering committee meeting, during which the terminology for unmet medical educational needs was deliberated and key topics were discussed. Theo de Witte led a “How I treat” a patient with lower-risk MDS showing signs of ESA failure discussion​​, whilst Pierre Fenaux fronted a “How I treat” based on the new/updated classification systems discussion, both receiving in-depth and thought-provoking reactions from the steering committee members.

Chair Gilles Salles, hosted the second Lymphoma Hub steering committee meeting of 2023. During the meeting, hub updates were shared, unmet medical educational needs were debated and discussions on key topics were discussed. Prof. Bosch led a discussion on how to treat older and frail patients with CLL, and Prof. Trněný led a discussion on how they would treat patients with R/R DLBCL in 2023 and the future.

Co-Chairs, Sagar Lonial and María-Victoria Mateos, hosted the second Multiple Myeloma Hub steering committee meeting of 2023. During the meeting, plans for the hub in 2024 were shared, hub updates were discussed, and content priorities and hot topics were debated. Paul Richardson led a Patient case discussion on treating with CELMoDs, and Morie Gertz led a discussion on understanding relapsed/refractory disease – prior lines/therapies versus drug class refractoriness​.

Enduring content from all discussions will be released on each of the hubs soon.

Contact us to discover how you can hear more about the discussions held by some of the worlds key therapy opinion leaders. 

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