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February 27, 2023

Meet the Partnerships Team  

SES at the 49th Annual Meeting of the EBMT, 23–26 April 2023, Paris, FR  

Alongside our fabulous in-house team of medical writers covering the key updates for our hubs and newsfeeds, our Partnerships Team are also en route to Paris and are looking forward to connecting with both our existing industry partners and meeting lots of new faces. 

To explain the function of our supporters, who are a vital stakeholder in the delivery of our global IME platforms, we aim to meet many of our existing and prospective customers away from the computer screen. Maybe with a croissant in hand. 

As a key treatment pathway across many of the indications our education covers, it is crucial for the SES team to stay up to date in the transplant arena; by attending world-class congresses, such as EMBT, we ensure that our content remains medically accurate and reflective of real clinical practice. 

We would be delighted to discuss how SES can help your organization achieve its medical education goals and the opportunities that are available to support global IME. 

Should you wish to meet with the Partnerships Team at this event, please contact them at  

CME symposia update 

SES at EHA 2023 - The ins and outs of CAR T-cells in the real world: An expert roundtable hosted by the Lymphoma Hub and the Multiple Myeloma Hub.

In addition to our global IME hubs and patient platforms, we offer bespoke, CME accredited medical education.

Through our educational offerings, we can provide tailored education which can be designed to specifically address the unmet educational needs and practice gaps most relevant to your specific targets; utilizing a comprehensive needs assessment. 

A perfect example is SES’ facilitation of an interactive symposium at at the European Hematology Association 2023 Hybrid Congress, which will take place in Frankfurt, DE on Friday June 9. 

‘The ins and outs of CAR T cells in the real world’ offers learners the opportunity to hear clinical developments and apply the practical management of CAR T-cell therapies to their patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and multiple myeloma (MM).  

Unlike traditional, didactic meetings, we will integrate polling questions, interactive case studies, and an outcomes evaluation into the symposium to maximize audience engagement.  

Independently created, this interactive symposium offers the potential to bring the hubs’ expertise to a live audience in an engaging and varied manner.  

This activity is kindly supported by Bristol Myers-Squibb through grant funding, but offers no access to content steering or speaker engagement.  

For information about how we can assist your organization in the creation and delivery of high quality, independent, bespoke medical education at future events, or if you would like to hear more about our hub-based offerings such as webinars, clinical trials clubs, and symposia – please contact us for more information. 

The Importance of Supporting Medical Education 

The value our supporters bring to the quality and quantity of our educational content is paramount, both to the knowledge growth of HCPs utilizing our hubs and the patients who rely on our platforms. The pharmaceutical industry plays a pivotal role in financially supporting the development of educational content to assist HCPs and patients alike; however, those commitments don’t end once the contract has concluded. It is as important as ever for supporters of IME to continue investing so we can increase positive outcomes for patients. Working with our customers, we ensure there is no break period between contracts to maintain continuity and high standards. If you have not yet begun looking into your next period of support, please get in contact today.

Supporter update   

SES would like to thank the following companies for their new and continued support of independent medical education. 

Lymphoma Hub  

BeiGene will be continuing to support the Lymphoma Hub as a Bronze level supporter. As a critical industry stakeholder in Lymphoma, we are pleased to have the support of the BeiGene team and look forward to sharing the outcomes of the education provided with their support! 

ALL Hub  

We are delighted to confirm that Pfizer will be continuing its support of the ALL Hub. As a Bronze supporter, Pfizer’s support will contribute towards enabling the team to meet the key educational objectives of the platform.  

GvHD Hub 

The GvHD Hub welcomes a new supporter, Pharmacyclics, who will be supporting the platform at a Contributor level. Pharmacyclics is a well-valued addition and join Sanofi as key supporters of this platform. 

Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Global Awareness-Building Initiative 

The WM Global Awareness-Building Initiative welcomes its founding supporter, Cellectar Biosciences, who are confirmed at Gold level. We are extremely grateful to Cellectar for pledging their support to the initiative, delivered in partnership with The IWMF, which aims to increase awareness of WM among healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, and the patient advocacy community. 

AML Hub and MDS Hub  

We are pleased to announce that Thermofisher have renewed their support for AML and MDS Hub at a Bronze level for a further 12 months, having a diagnostic company so invested in IME within these indications demonstrates that all aspects of the treatment process should be involved in HCP education.

Thank you to the BMS team for once again supporting the MDS Hub and the fantastic education that the AML Hub delivers to HCP’s Globally. BMS will be supporting the AML Hub and the MDS Hub at a Bronze level. 

Multiple Myeloma Hub  

The Multiple Myeloma Hub is growing from strength to strength, this would not be possible without the continuous support of BMS, Roche, and Pfizer, who have all renewed their support at a Silver level; this highlights the importance and value the Multiple Myeloma Hub provides to HCP’s globally.

MPN Hub  

BMS, a supporter of multiple platforms, has also renewed their support for the MPN Hub at a Gold level; this is greatly appreciated and adds to a pool of significant resources to deliver on the MPN Hub unmet needs. They have also opted in to support our accredited clinical trials webinar series, which will stream live but also provide enduring content for the hub; this is due to be delivered in June and more information will be provided nearer the time.

Emma Williams

Lucy Murphy 

Geoff Jones

Scientific Education Support

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