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Partnerships update-August 2022

August 30, 2022

Summer recap 

After a very warm summer, we are excitedly finalizing our plans for the last few months of 2022 and turning towards full planning mode for 2023. We hope to share some key updates with you in the coming months. 

Supporters of both our IME and patient platforms will have also received the most up-to-date metrics from Q2 2022. We saw fantastic metrics across the board in Q2 and with a particular look at all of our IME platforms we can draw out some key highlights, including: 

  • 26 video interviews 
  • 92 published articles 
  • 4,464 Twitter link clicks 
  • 1,055,677 Twitter impressions 
  • 55,808 website users 

We would be delighted to share more information regarding our outcomes; if you are not yet a supporter of our platforms and would like some further insights, such as participation metrics, social media activity, YouTube and podcast channel metrics, and poll results, please contact the Partnerships Team at

A number of exciting initiatives are coming soon throughout September 

World ALL Day (September 20, 2022): Know your subtype  

Through a successful collaboration, Know ALL, SES, and the Acute Leukemia Advocates Network (ALAN) are working together to host the inaugural World ALL Day. This event will be held on September 20, 2022, and as the first event of its kind, its aim is to mobilize patients, carers, and HCPs in increasing the awareness of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). 

The “know your subtype” campaign delivered throughout the day will encourage patients to share their subtype and share their story in order to increase knowledge of different ALL subtypes and how they are classified among the community. 

If you would like more information on how to support World ALL Day or the Know ALL initiative, please contact

MDS International Guidelines  

The MDS International Guidelines project is a global project that is being developed with the mission of raising the standards of disease management in myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) globally through the development of contemporary and practical MDS treatment guidelines. 

Hosted on a web-based, multichannel, open-access platform, the guidelines will be available in a responsive format suitable for phones, tablets, and computers. It’s hoped the mobile responsiveness can be utilized to encourage daily use within clinical practice. We are seeking industry support to ensure this project delivers upon its full potential and generates a comprehensive set of clinically advocated guidelines for use in the frontline hematology setting. 

Please contact for further information on how to get involved.  

Blood Cancer Awareness Month: “Keep MOVING, Keep LEARNING ” 

In the sixth year of celebrating Blood Cancer Awareness Month, Know AML will be delivering an education and awareness campaign called “Keep MOVING, Keep LEARNING.” 

The campaign aims to: 

  • Empower patients by enabling them to have control of their disease journey​. 
  • Help to improve the patient experience by providing resources to turn to during any stage of the AML journey​. 
  • Direct patients to sources of information and support in areas such as nutritional support, movement and exercise, complementary therapies, wellbeing and psychological support, management of side effects, and financial and employment assistance. 

Please support the campaign by: 

  • Visiting the Know AML websiteand navigating to the Blood Cancer Awareness Month page and Resources page
  • Sharing the interactive graphic (or PDF version) with anyone who may benefit from it—be that friends, family, colleagues, patients, or caregivers—and help those around you. 

Supporter update  

Lymphoma Hub 

We are delighted to confirm that BeiGene will be continuing its support of the Lymphoma Hub. BeiGene’s support is a valued addition to the strong supporter base of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) stakeholders supporting the platform. Receiving this support is critical for increasing the CLL content on the hub, alongside the plethora of lymphoma content. 

ALL Hub 

Pfizer will be continuing their support of the ALL Hub at contributor level, which is a huge boost for the platform. Pfizer’s presence in supporting this platform is critical for the future of the education provided to our users. There are exciting plans for Know ALL next year; therefore, we are glad Pfizer have reaffirmed their support for our vision. 

Know ALL 

We are excited to announce that Know ALL has two new supporters. BMS and Kite Pharma will be supporting the platform in an exciting time for the initiative as we proceed with launching the inaugural World ALL Day and commencing strategic mapping for 2023. We thank these two organizations for showing their support and belief in the necessity of this initiative to provide an international resource in ALL for patients, caregivers, and the general public. 

Bespoke educational opportunities 

We are seeking grants from our existing and new industry partners to support the delivery of new and innovative educational learning interventions for the hematology community. Through the delivery of these bespoke initiatives across our established learning platforms we hope to demonstrate advanced levels of learning in targeted areas of unmet needs relevant to HCPs. 

CAR T-cell therapy (a multi-platform webinar series from the Lymphoma Hub, Multiple Myeloma Hub, and ALL Hub  

In a first for our hematology hubs, this webinar series will address unmet educational needs pertaining to the growing scope of CAR T-cell therapies across the hematology indications. With consideration of the complex treatment journey, from the initial consultation through to transition of care, this project aims to support HCPs involved in this new and evolving treatment area, enabling them to make optimal treatment choices for their patients. Leveraging the remarkable reach of three relevant hub platforms, the content will also remain on the platforms as a valuable source of enduring content. 

Beyond JAK inhibition: Novel agents for the treatment of advanced myelofibrosis (a clinical trial club) 

A clinical trials club is a live webinar where one of our steering committee members is joined by a guest author/lead investigator of a relevant publication/clinical trial. Clinical trial clubs effectively support HCPs in understanding what the latest news means for clinical practice. They offer the ideal solution to address a key learning gap of suboptimal knowledge of novel therapeutic targets in MPN. 

Sequencing of therapies in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (a case-based symposium) 

This case-based symposium will discuss the issues associated with the sequencing of therapies for Bcell ALL. A panel of selected ALL key opinion leaders will discuss cases related to this subtype of the disease. Pre- and post-case discussions will help develop the viewers’ understanding of the recommended treatment algorithm in these cases, and viewer interactivity with the panel will help raise confidence and competence in their management of the disease. We are seeking support from industry stakeholders to enable the delivery of this learning initiative. 

If you would like to learn more about supporting these educational initiatives, please contact the Partnerships Team at



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