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New IME hubs digital innovation: Congress Twitter feed section update

August 30, 2022

Our organization’s vision is to promote globally accessible and interactive medical education and we believe that social media is fundamental to achieving this. 

To realize this vision, we have a dedicated team of experts who attend key medical congresses virtually or in person to obtain up-to-date insights relevant to the medical fields covered by our IME hubs. During these congresses, key data and drug updates from eagerly anticipated clinical trials are shared via our Twitter accounts and continued discussions are encouraged through polls and questions. 

Comprehensive social media coverage of key congresses reflects our commitment to providing education solutions for our audience. These solutions aim to increase knowledge and enhance competence among healthcare professionals by improving access to balanced, credible, and up-to-date medical education where there is an unmet need. Consequently, we are continuously exploring new digital innovations to enhance our users’ experiences and ensure that our content is globally accessible for all healthcare professionals. 

One such innovation is a new Congress Twitter feed section on all of our IME hubs, as demonstrated on the Lymphoma Hub: 

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This new section provides users with the flexibility to catch up on all Twitter congress coverage on demand, with all content imported directly from the hub’s Twitter account. 

Speaking about the recent update, Dr Helen Croxall, Principal Medical Writer, SES, said:  

“Twitter is a fantastic channel to engage with everyone who has an interest in the medical fields we cover and it has proved to be an effective platform for disseminating our content to healthcare professionals globally. However, we are mindful that some of our users are not active on social media channels such as Twitter; therefore, following hub user feedback, we created a dedicated section on our IME hub websites, where all of our Twitter content from key congresses will be displayed. This update will allow users to access all expert interviews and session updates from the congress in one location on demand.  

“We believe we play a leading role in the development of new digital innovations in medical education communication. We will continue to keep the interests of our hub users, including healthcare professionals, at the forefront of our developments, in order to provide the most effective platforms for them to view our content.” 

We are very interested in hearing your feedback on this latest innovation or if you have any further suggestions. Please get in touch at:  

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