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April 27, 2022

As part of our commitment to continuously improve our medical education hubs, we have recently introduced several new digital innovations to enhance the user experience, which include learning objectives and interactive quizzes to test a user’s knowledge before and after viewing our content.​ 

We have also updated all hubs with Google Translate and, as a result, the hub’s content can now be translated into 100 different languages.  

Discussing our innovative approach, Louise Niven, Medical Education Strategy Lead, said:  

“We have added learning objectives to our articles to help our users identify the key knowledge/skills they can expect to gain from viewing a piece of content. Our objectives are based on the findings of our needs assessment and are intended to address the educational gaps we have identified to increase knowledge and competence among our readers and to ultimately improve patient care.” 

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Lymphoma Hub article learning objective 

Our quiz questions are designed to aid the learning journey in accordance with our learning objectives and are intended as a fun challenge for readers, providing them with the opportunity to test their knowledge, improve on their pre-content quiz score, and compare themselves to the average score of their colleagues. The quizzes also allow us to measure the effectiveness of our education. This is critical, enabling us to observe any persisting gaps/educational needs and to continually monitor our educational design to ensure it optimally meets the needs of our readers. 


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Lymphoma Hub article quiz 

Consideration of the user journey and accessibility have been factored into our new approach.  

“The digital team at SES have worked closely with the Scientific Services and Client Services teams to ensure that the new hub updates are user centred and, with the addition of Google Translate, ensure our content is globally accessible. Our goal is to continue to develop learning platforms that are intuitive, inclusive, and provide a highly satisfying experience for our users.” – Trevor Aukim, Digital Director, SES 

MM Spanish Translation.png

Multiple Myeloma Hub content with Spanish translation

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new digital innovations as well as any potential recommendations you may have to help us improve further. Please get in touch with the Partnerships Team to share your views.

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