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MDS International Guidelines: SES working alongside key individuals and organizations to improve the quality of care for patients with MDS

October 28, 2022

The MDS International Guidelines aim to raise the standards of patient management in MDS, globally, through the development of contemporary and practical MDS treatment guidelines. With the key objective of increasing the median and minimal level of quality of care for patients with MDS, the project is currently coordinated under the auspices of MDS-RIGHT, the MDS Foundation and the European Reference Network (ERN).    

It is led by the Executive Board in collaboration with The University of York within the MDS Hub with support from Scientific Education Support (SES).

The project is actively engaging Hematologists, specialists involved in the diagnosis and care of MDS patients, Trainees in hematology and internal medicine, as well as other stake holders with interest in the project.   

Once complete, the guidelines will be hosted and disseminated through web-based multichannel platforms. SES will be providing key updates on the progress for the guidelines throughout the year, via the MDS Hub and MDS social channels, such as the most recent update from Eva Hellström Lindberg, Chair of the International MDS GL committee, earlier this year. 

Discussing the collaboration, Claire Aukim-Hastie, Scientific Services Director at SES said: 

“SES is delighted to have been selected to provide support with this important initiative. Part of the organization’s role is to perform a rigorous literature review for each guideline topic to inform the MDS International Guidelines working parties. 

“The new international guidelines will focus on raising the global standard of care in MDS by communicating to healthcare professionals, but they will also act as a resource for the patient advocacy community. Collaboration is key to the success of these guidelines, and we are thrilled to work alongside prestigious organizations such as ESH and the MDS Foundation to produce work that will significantly benefit the MDS community. We are excited by some of the recent activity carried out and we will be sharing these updates soon.” 

If you have any further queries about the MDS International Guidelines, or how you can support the project, please contact us at:

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