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IME hub innovations: Drug and trial updates section

June 23, 2022

SES has recently introduced a new drug and trial updates section on each of the independent medical education (IME) hubs, which provides users with the most recent drug and trial updates for their area of interest. The updates are now available in one single and searchable location as we have installed new functionality that imports all updates directly from the hub’s Twitter account. 

Speaking about the latest update, Claire Aukim-Hastie, Scientific Services Director, said: 

“Following feedback from our users, we recognised the need for creating a dedicated section on each of the hubs that presented all drug and trial updates in a location that was searchable and user friendly. From new drug applications and clinical trial milestones to marketing authorizations, the Scientific Services team at SES provide up-to-date regulatory news on all hub disease and therapy areas through our Twitter accounts. However, we were mindful that these crucial updates could potentially be missed by our users that are not active on Twitter, and the result is the new drug updates sections, which are now available on all of SES’ IME hubs. We are delighted with the feedback we have received so far, and we continue to explore further innovative ways to provide important updates to time-stretched HCPs.” 

Lymphoma Hub: Lymphoma and CLL drug and trial updates section 

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