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Expert Discussions In Hematology

July 26, 2022

Across our IME hubs, we recently hosted a number of expert discussions with steering committee members, covering some of the current key topics in hematology. Collaborating with world leaders allows us to further understand unmet educational needs and provide content that is relevant and impactful for clinical practice.

Expert discussion from the MPN Hub

Speaking ahead of the release of the expert discussions, Claire Aukim-Hastie, Director of Scientific Services, said: 

“Our steering committees consist of world leaders in their respective hematology fields, and we are excited to share some of their insights and opinions on hot topics, such as advances in autologous stem cell transplantation for myeloma and treatment sequencing for myelofibrosis. The discussions are available on the IME hub websites run by Scientific Education Support, and we invite all hub users to view the videos and share any feedback on our social channels. “  

Keep up to date with the new expert discussions by visiting our hubs on Twitter. 








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