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An overview of hub activities

April 24, 2023

Scientific Education Support (SES) provides open access, science-driven, independent, global education initiatives through our hubs for hematologic malignancies and rheumatic disorders across all phases of the product life cycle (conception, preclinical and clinical product development, approval, and commercialization). Starting with robust needs assessments, in collaboration with expert steering committees, our education solutions increase knowledge and enhance competence among healthcare professionals (HCPs) by improving access to balanced, credible, and up-to-date medical education where there is an unmet need.  

We achieve our educational objectives through various formats, including the following: 

We effectively communicate scientific messages using compelling designs and infographics, and we continuously stay up to date on new breakthroughs by monitoring activity at scientific conferences and recent literature in the field. 

To appeal to a range of learning styles, we publish multi-format content, such as: 

  • Visual abstracts: Condensed infographic summaries that provide bite-sized education that is easily integrated into learners’ daily routines 
  • Short highlight articles: Digestible, quick reads that keep learners up to date with the latest news and regulatory updates 
  • In-depth articles: Longer reads that provide learners with greater detail and context on the evolving therapeutic landscape 
  • Video interviews: Audio-visual, flexible and self-paced; an opportunity for learners to connect with experts and benefit from their insights 
  • Podcasts: Portable, convenient, and available on popular platforms (Amazon Music, Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Flash Briefing, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and TuneIn) 
  • Social media: Key updates, animations, and visual abstracts, which provide bite-sized education that is easily integrated into learners’ daily routines 

We also offer a variety of bespoke educational offerings through our hubs, including: 

  • Case study clubs: Live webinars of ~30 minutes on a case study, with recordings that are repurposed as videos and podcasts on our hubs 
  • Clinical trial clubs: Live webinars of ~30 minutes on a clinical trial, which provide outcomes data up to Moore's Level 5 and recordings that are repurposed as videos and podcasts 
  • Interactive cases: Short, interactive eLearning modules that replicate real-world scenarios and provide a safe place for HCPs to practice treatment decisions 
  • Symposia: Standalone or congress-associated events, which can be easily adapted to the online space, allowing a large audience to receive important data either live or as post-event recordings 

In 2022 we had 248,671 unique HCPs visit our hubs. On average, our hubs are achieving a satisfaction score of 4.6/5 among learners and is increasing HCP knowledge by 27%. Through the delivery of content that HCPs truly need, via interactive and engaging formats we ensure impactful education reaches a large audience and makes a difference. 

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