Partnerships update - steering committee meetings and supporter update

Partnerships update - steering committee meetings and supporter update

Spring steering committee meetings 

Our IME hubs are guided by international steering committees of world-leading experts in their respective therapy areas. These committees meet regularly to discuss educational content and how to support their communities. One way they achieve this is through two steering committee meetings each year, which are hosted by their chairperson and SES.  

Each meeting serves as an opportunity for the steering committee to gain insights on current hub metrics such as global growth, evaluate educational impact, and hear about new hub innovations. 

The members also take part in an open discussion on a specific topic of their choosing. This topic is one they believe is affecting the therapy area, the HCPs who practice within it, and the patients that require the care. With a global representation of leading professionals coming together, these discussions provide a unique view of the therapy area, as well as different insights into successful practice. The discussions from these meetings are published on the hubs as enduring content for the wider community to view and learn from. 

How can you get involved? At certain levels of support, we offer the opportunity for our industry partners to sit in and listen to these discussions in real-time as an observer. Hearing these conversations take place demonstrates to industry what is important to those they aim to support. Following each meeting, all supporters also receive a summary report noting important aspects of the meeting. 

If you would like to know more about our steering committee meetings or how you can be involved, please contact 

Supporter update  

SES would like to thank the following companies for their new and continued support of independent medical education. 

Lymphoma Hub and Multiple Myeloma Hub CAR T symposium at EHA2023  

BMS funded an accredited symposium at EHA2023 on CAR T in lymphoma and multiple myeloma, which reached full capacity at the live event. In the coming weeks, catch up on enduring content captured from this symposium via the Lymphoma Hub and Multiple Myeloma Hub

Know AML  

BMS will be continuing their support for the Know AML patient platform as a Gold supporter. BMS’s support of this platform facilitates the great work the Know AML team achieves and will continue to do so.  

Know ALL  

Jazz Pharmaceuticals have continued their support of the Know ALL platform as a Bronze supporter. Supporting patient programmes as well as HCP IME platforms shows a clear path of support for the ALL community.  

Amgen have once again shown their commitment to patients with ALL by continuing their Bronze support of the Know ALL platform.

AML Hub  

Pfizer have been an active supporter of the AML Hub since 2021 and we are delighted to welcome their continued support of the AML Hub at Bronze level through 2024.  

We are delighted to share that Daiichi Sankyo will be supporting the AML Hub at Silver level, enabling our team to meet the educational objectives set by the steering committee. 

We are proud to announce new support from GlycoMimetics for the AML Hub. Glycomimetic are the first alternative pharmaceutical supporter for the AML Hub and we welcome them at Bronze level. 

ALL Hub  

Jazz Pharmaceuticals have shown their support for the ALL Hub at Silver level, helping elevate education and awareness within the ALL HCP community.  

GvHD Hub  

After the Sanofi takeover of Kadmon in 2021 they quickly saw the benefits of the GvHD Hub that Kadmon had previously. In fact, they saw such value that their support was increased from Silver to Gold. We welcome Sanofi and their support of the GvHD Hub. 

Lymphoma Hub 

The Lymphoma Hub is our largest and most established IME platform, drawing in tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe. This year, we are very pleased that Eli Lily have continued their Bronze support and continue to help the platform grow. 

BMS have been supporters of the Lymphoma Hub for several years and have once again shown their dedication by continuing their support at Bronze level. 

We are delighted that Roche have continued to be the leading supporter of the Lymphoma Hub by renewing their Gold support, ensuring the hub is maintained as a leading resource for HCPs seeking the latest updates in lymphoma.  

Multiple Myeloma Hub  

Abbvie are an established supporter of Multiple Myeloma Hub; they have continued their support at Silver level, providing the hub the ability to continue to produce excellent content.