Partnerships update-March 2022

Partnerships update-March 2022

The Partnerships team recently attended the 48th Annual Meeting of the EBMT. We fully support the decision taken by the event organisers to move the event to a remote setting to assist the refugee situation in Ukraine. The team found the virtual sessions to be very insightful and informative. Some of the sessions attended by the team within the industry symposia component included:   

  • “What’s new in GvHD in 2022: Tackling the unmet needs from prophylaxis to treatment” (sponsored by Sanofi) 
  • “Extracorporeal photopheresis: Immunomodulatory therapies and their use in GvHD” (sponsored by Mallinckrodt) 
  • “Recent advancements in immune therapies for multiple myeloma” (sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb) 
  • “Looking deep into the complexities of multiple myeloma: How to decide treatment and measure outcomes” (sponsored by Pfizer) 
  • “Cell therapy: Revolutionary ideas improving today’s practices” (sponsored by Miltenyi Biomedicine ) 
  • “Will transplant continue to be the SoC in R/R DLBCL” (sponsored by Gilead–Kite) 

New supporter update 

The Rare Anaemias International Network (RAIN): RAIN is a global community-based ecosystem made of patient advocacy associations and individuals supporting rare anemias. We are delighted to welcome Immunovant as our second founding supporter of the network. The support provided from our industry supporters is key in helping RAIN achieve its mission to improve the health and quality of life of people with rare anemias. 

MDS Hub and AML Hub: We are delighted to confirm that Janssen will be continuing their support of the AML Hub, and we are thrilled to welcome them as a new supporter of the MDS Hub. As Bronze level supporters, Janssen’s support of this platform, along with industry partners, is critical in achieving our vision that every treatment team and researcher can have instant access to expert opinions and the latest evidence-based information on AML and MDS. 

AML Hub: AbbVie has kindly reconfirmed its support of the AML Hub in 2022. We are pleased to have this important industry stakeholder continue to support the platform at Silver level. This year will be significant for innovative therapies across hematology, and we appreciate the support provided to assist our users in understanding the best practice use of novel agents in AML. 

Bespoke educational opportunities 

We are seeking grants from our existing and new industry partners to ensure that the following newly created bespoke educational initiatives have credible representation across the scope of therapies. 

“How to select and sequence treatments for steroid-refractory GvHD” 

This interactive case study educational project will offer healthcare professional (HCP) users the potential to transition from simple knowledge gains to changes in patient care outcomes in the management of this disease. Learners will be presented with a patient case, identified challenge, or specific decision, along with supporting data. The learner will be guided/coached by a leading expert based on their treatment decision and provided with the recommended options available. After engaging with this content, we hope that users will be able to explain the role of new agents in the GvHD therapeutic landscape, including optimal patient selection and sequencing. 

“Towards personalized therapy in relapsed multiple myeloma” 

This digital symposium will help users describe novel therapeutic targets in multiple myeloma and explain the mechanisms of action for new agents in the disease space. HCP users will also be able to  

state the rationale for selecting treatments in relapsed/refractory disease based on disease- and patient-related factors. The symposium will be designed in collaboration with the experienced and world-renowned Multiple Myeloma Hub Steering Committee, to ensure relevance and accuracy in addition to attracting a big audience. 

Beyond JAK inhibition: Novel agents for the treatment of advanced myelofibrosis” 

The clinical trials club is a live webinar series where one of our steering committee members is joined by a guest author/lead investigator of a relevant publication/clinical trial. Clinical trial clubs effectively support HCPs in understanding what the latest news means for clinical practice. They offer the ideal solution to address a key learning gap of “Suboptimal knowledge of novel therapeutic targets in MPN.” 

Holistic pain management in multiple myeloma” 

This accredited digital symposium would offer the ideal solution to support pain management education in the care of patients with multiple myeloma. This digital event will offer learners the opportunity to learn more about patient needs, holistic pain management, and treatment considerations, and will present the most up-to-date information. 

Please contact the Partnerships team on if you would like to learn more about supporting these educational initiatives.