Partnerships Update

Partnerships Update

Clinical trials are the foundation for the development of treatments across the world; however, there are numerous elements that make understanding the key outcomes of trials and the implementation of a successful trial into clinical practice challenging for healthcare professionals (HCPs). Questions regarding the location, referral processes, patient eligibility, trial requirements, accessibility, and risks are among the recurring concerns voiced by HCPs and candidates.  

Here at SES, we can provide multi-supported, accredited clinical trial club webinars across our hubs, with the intention to demystify the complexities of clinical trials. The sessions offer the opportunity for hub users to interact with our world-renowned steering committee and hear their expert opinions on the latest data and its impact on clinical practice. 

With a dedicated engagement campaign to maximize HCP attendance, these clinical trials clubs increase knowledge and awareness of the trials covered, and facilitate learning to ensure HCPs become more informed around the suitability of a trial for their patients, as well as the key outcomes data and how this will impact clinical practice when the drug is launched.  

During the session, a guest author/lead investigator presents the key highlights of a publication/clinical trial and the expert panel discuss what this latest update means for the future of clinical practice. The session is recorded and hosted as an enduring piece of education on the hub to further enhance reach and key educational snippets are also circulated on the hub’s social media channels to create impactful and wide-reaching microlearning.  

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the different clinical trials clubs we can offer across our indications and how we can showcase your work.  


Emma Williams

Scientific Education Support

Digital innovation 

On a biannual basis, our engagement team delivers reports for our supporters to showcase the latest hub outcomes. These reports provide valuable insights, such as user metrics, regional breakdowns, and which articles have been published that are relevant to the supporter. The reports also provide updates on the outcomes from unmet needs submissions that have been provided by our supporters. 

Following recent digital innovation, we can now share these reports via a link that can be circulated internally. The visuals are designed for easy viewing in presenter mode on large screens or personal computers and relevant links are provided to signpost supporters to insightful and useful content. 

Geoffrey Jones

Scientific Education Support