MPN Hub Clinical Trial Club webinar series

MPN Hub Clinical Trial Club webinar series

We are thrilled to share insights from our recent webinars from the MPN Hub Clinical Trial Club webinar series, “Novel agents for the treatment of anemic myelofibrosis”. 

On June 28, 2023, the MPN Hub hosted the second event in their clinical trial club series, entitled: “NCT03194542 trial: Luspatercept for the treatment of patients with anemic myelofibrosis”. The event was chaired by MPN Hub Chair, Jean-Jacques Kiladjian, Université de Paris and Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris, FR, and featured presentations from Aaron Gerds, Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute, Cleveland, US. 

During the webinar, Kiladjian provided an overview of the mechanism of action of luspatercept. Gerds then discussed the NCT03194542 trial and presented key safety and efficacy findings. Subsequently, the two speakers discussed and compared luspatercept relative to other therapies available for the treatment of myelofibrosis. 

180 days post-live event, across YouTube and the MPN Hub website, the enduring content videos amassed over 900 views. Notably, enduring video content on the website garnered 263 views across 22 countries, with the UK leading in viewership. Successful promotion strategies on the MPN Hub social media channels also resulted in over 70,800 impressions. 

The third event in the MPN Hub Clinical Trial Club webinar series, Treatment sequencing for anemic myelofibrosis, took place on February 26, 2024.  

This event was also chaired by Kiladjian and featured presentations from MPN Hub Steering Committee member, Angela Fleischman, University of California, Irvine, Irvine, US. 

During the webinar, Kiladjian provided an overview of the current clinical landscape in anemic myelofibrosis. Angela Fleischman then discussed optimal treatment sequencing in anemic myelofibrosis and covered some ongoing clinical trials and key data. This was followed by a live Q&A session, before Kiladjian closed the meeting with an evaluation. 

The event attracted 114 unique registrants from 26 different countries, demonstrating a broad global interest in our content. During the live segment, 54 attendees from 14 nations participated, with the United States comprising the largest contingent. Impressively, 89% of those who completed pre- and post-webinar assessments reported experiencing a notable increase in knowledge, emphasizing the webinar's efficacy in enhancing learning and clinical practice. 

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Together, we can continue to drive innovation and improve treatments for myelofibrosis! 

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