Introducing our interactive case studies

Introducing our interactive case studies

Another of our exciting hub offerings is our interactive case studies: short, interactive eLearning modules hosted on our hubs as enduring content, allowing individuals to learn at their own leisure. Taking just 5–10 minutes to complete, they are perfect for a busy healthcare professional (HCP). The cases replicate real-world scenarios, providing a safe place for HCPs to practice their treatment decisions with zero risks, enabling them to make decisions in clinical practice with further ease. 

Educational needs assessment

Following a robust needs assessment to identify clinical practice gaps in a treatment area of specific interest, our SES team will work with our world-renowned steering committee to design learning objectives that help close these identified gaps. Patient case studies will then be created to meet the chosen learning objectives. Through this approach, we can ensure that our cases will have a true impact on our learners’ knowledge and competence, while helping to break down the barriers that they face in their decision-making and supporting them in overcoming these. This means that, when our learners come to making similar decisions for their real-life patients, they are as well prepared as possible and can apply their learnings from the theoretical cases to real-life examples. 

Please note, our interactive case studies are independently developed in collaboration with our steering committee. If you would like to discover more about independent medical education, please contact us, or you can read our article on the value of IME.  

 Our interactive cases have the following user journey: 

As with all our bolt-on projects there is the option to support our interactive case study modules, which come with our full needs assessment and insights, ready to apply to your commercial strategy. We can also provide full outcomes reports, detailing the impact the cases have made on the knowledge and competence of learners—these could be used to showcase the value of sponsor investment to clinical professionals. If you are interested in hearing more about our interactive case studies, please do not hesitate to get in touch