SES are now associate members of the Good CME Practice group!

SES are now associate members of the Good CME Practice group!

SES are delighted to announce that we have been accepted as associate members of the Good CME Practice group! 

The Good CME Practice group (gCMEp) is a membership organization for European continuing medical education (CME) providers. The mission of the gCMEp is to promote professionalism within the European CME provider community by championing high standards in the development and delivery of CME in Europe, in order to support providers in delivering high quality, independent education for healthcare professionals, with the ultimate aim of improving health outcomes. 

Following a robust evaluation of our education, SES has been accepted as part of the group, which acknowledges the high quality of the independent education that we deliver and provides a stamp of approval for us as providers of education that is based on true education needs, fair, balanced, transparent, and improves outcomes. We are excited to share this news with our healthcare professional community to provide even more credibility to our offerings and increase the reach of our education. We hope this also provides you, our supporters, with increased trust in our educational offerings and that this strengthens the value of supporting our education for you.  

If you would like to find out more about the gCMEp, please visit their website here: or do email me with any questions:  

Mia Hill 

Acting Managing Director 

Scientific Education Support