Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2023

Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2023

Throughout the year, Know AML has been successful in delivering several cornerstone projects: our AML World Awareness Day (WAD) campaign on April 21; our Global Network and Ambassador meeting in May; the interactive ambassador workshop for Ambassadors in July – and many more projects to come.

In September 2023, we will continue to campaign, with help from our global network and community, to raise awareness of access to mental health support, its benefits, and why it is important for people with AML and their caregivers to #TalkAML with family and friends. More information, details on how to get involved, and resources can be found here

Know AML continues to make an impact through the delivery of its campaigns such as WAD 2023 and Blood Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM 2023).

“As a Know-AML Patient Ambassador for six years I have personally seen the tremendous change Know-AML has made for families receiving this challenging diagnosis. Medical advances have accelerated during that time, clinicians are more aware of AML specific diagnostic details and personalized medicines have been announced. But it is only with the publication of this news, and the information Know-AML has created for patients and care-givers, that so many patients and families have been helped by these helpful videos and online publications”.  

– Ralph Hills, Know AML Co-chair and patient, US 


To show your support for #TalkAML 2023: 

1.      Read, like, and share our variety of resources and social media posts using the hashtag #TalkAML, #BloodCancerAwarenessMonth, and #KnowAML 

2.      Listen to, download, like, and share our video stories, on our interactive graphic, using the above hashtags 

3.      Spread the word! 

Important information and resources:

1.      Briefing guide

2.      Press release

3.      Know AML resources page

4.      Interactive graphic

This will aid in empowering you to #TalkAML with your doctor, nurse, psychologist, counsellor, family, friends, and charities, etc. You, or anyone else, don’t need to go through this alone. We want to help you receive the mental health and wellbeing support you deserve while experiencing AML and beyond.  

If you aren’t on social media and would like to get involved offline, all materials can be downloaded, edited, translated, and sent to us at Our briefing guide also has all the information you need on how to get involved. 

You can also find our Blood Cancer Awareness Month downloadable and translatable resources on our resources page. 

Everyone can make a difference during BCAM by downloading, editing, and sharing our translatable assets, following the Know AML social channels, and using the hashtags #KnowAML and #TalkAML. You can get involved both online and offline and encourage others to get involved too! 

Please visit the Know AML website for more information on the TalkAML campaign, as well as resources and information to support patients and caregivers in the AML community worldwide

If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch via our social channels or via email: