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Know AML Blood Cancer Awareness Month Campaign: Keep MOVING, Keep LEARNING

August 30, 2022

This year, we would like to help caregivers and patients better understand AML. During Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we’ll be asking the AML community to come together, support the campaign, and help those who need it most. 

Our "Keep MOVING, Keep LEARNING" campaign aims to empower patients by enabling them to have control of their disease journey and improve the patient experience by providing resources to turn to that deliver information and support in areas such as nutritional support, movement and exercise, complementary therapies, wellbeing and psychological support, management of side effects, and financial and employment assistance.  

You can view our interactive graphic via our Get Involved page and view our downloadable and editable resources on our Resources page. We encourage you to share the interactive graphic and downloadable resources with anyone who may benefit from them and help those around you—be that friends, family, colleagues, patients, or caregivers. 

Know AML owes thanks to its supporters—Abbvie,Bristol Myers Squibb, Amgen, Astellas, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals—without whom our work would not be possible. 

You can support and stay up to date with the campaign by connecting with our social channels. 

Facebook: @KNOWAML 

Twitter: @KNOW_AML 

LinkedIn: Know AML 

Instagram: knowaml 

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