Community physician education

The ‘therapy area Hubs’ initiatives provide the latest treatment options, medical information, case studies and expert opinions in a given therapy area to community physicians. The Hubs support physicians in making informed treatment decisions ensuring patients have access to the latest therapies available.

Therapy area hubs


Community awareness
and education

The ‘know’ education initiatives aim to raise awareness of the support and resources available within a therapeutic area to Patient’s, Families and Health care providers. Furthermore, bespoke activities are deployed to focus on providing education on specific therapy area unmet needs.

‘kNOw’ education initiatives


Academic researcher education

The ‘Entrepreneurs in Pre-Clinical Research’ program provides medical academics with the opportunity to discover more about the drug development process and how to get the most out of their research. Delivered in partnership with world leading business schools.

Entrepreneurs in
Pre-Clinical Haematology: Courses

Multiple Myeloma (November 2018)

Lymphoma (Coming soon)

Leukaemia (Coming soon)

Entrepreneurs in
Pre-Clinical Oncology: Courses

Lung Cancer (Coming soon)

Pancreatic Cancer (Coming soon)

Breast Cancer (Coming soon)

Patient executive education
– coming soon

Patient representatives are becoming increasingly more important in the development, approval and access to breakthrough therapies. The ‘Executives in patient support’ programme provides patient executives with the business skills and a deep understanding of drug development and the pharmaceutical industry to allow patient advocates to successfully navigate the life science industry.

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